Foreign Healthcare Professional’s Recruiting Program For Clients

TGS Healthcare Solutions, LLC (TGS) is a global firm with an outstanding record of providing staffing and recruiting services. For over 10 years, TGS has recruited and managed the immigration of international professionals for careers in the U.S. TGS specializes in staffing for the healthcare industry.

Because of the severe shortage of Nurses and Therapists faced by U.S. healthcare facilities, and because the process to acquire healthcare personnel from foreign sources is burdensome, risky and costly, TGS developed the Foreign Healthcare Professional’s Recruiting Program to provide the healthcare industry with qualified nurses and therapists. The Program has been successfully implemented at TGS client facilities with outstanding results on all levels of service and quality.

In addition to its own international offices, TGS has put in place alliance programs to recruit nurses and therapists from several established and prominent sources. Included in this group are superior foreign hospitals. All personnel have Diploma, Bachelor or Master degrees specific to their discipline, are experienced and are prepared for positions in the United States. Preparation and training can include:


US Healthcare Roles and Responsibilities Test Preparation for English Language and US Licensure Examinations
HIPAA / OSHA Regulatory Compliance Language sensitization
Cultural Adaption Client Specific Policies and Procedures

Customer Benefits:

  • No upfront investment. Payments to TGS begin when the healthcare professional starts to work.
  • No time-consuming exhaustive administrative effort to manage the recruitment and immigration processes.
  • No financial risk of a candidate dropping out of the process.
  • Warranties to mitigate risk by trying out the healthcare professional for up to 3 months.
  • Continuity of patient care as the healthcare professional works for the client for several years on a full time basis.
  • Reduced time for the healthcare professional to become proficient as the result of advanced training.
  • Higher retention rates and reliability, all healthcare professionals are carefully selected, trained and mentored to perform in the U.S. Mentoring and support continues after arrival in the U.S.
  • Assurance of competent experienced professionals; all healthcare professionals come from reputable sources and are recruited, qualified and trained by TGS and our foreign alliance partners.
  • Security of working with a well-established, financially stable U.S. based firm (TGS) that invests to serve its customers, shares risk and has the experience to deliver.
  • Program designed through the vantage point and concerns of clients, placing their needs first.
  • Proven repeatedly with an excellent track record.

The Process:

TGS working with its international staff and network of partners qualifies candidates for client review, interview and selection. After acceptance by the client, TGS bears the cost and manages the entire process of shepherding the candidate through all the examinations, local processes, transport and immigration to the United States. TGS sponsors the candidate for employment based (H1B1) or permanent immigrant visa (Green Card), using its staff of immigration specialists and attorneys.

The candidate signs a multi-year contract to work for the client. The healthcare professional will be a TGS employee, paid by TGS while working full time for the client. TGS will bill the client only for the services of the healthcare professional.

As our client, you now have a new member of your staff without the multiple fees and problems associated with recruiting foreign healthcare professionals.

  • Identification and qualification of candidates. Validation of credentials. Arrange for interview of the candidate with client. This can be done in the candidate’s country of residence or via telephone or video teleconference.
  • Negotiate multi-year contract with the candidate.
  • Prepare and train candidates to successfully work as a healthcare professional in the United States. Provide special training at our customer’s request.
  • Ensure that candidate has applied and assist the candidate through remaining examinations: TSE, TWE, TOEFL, IELTS, NCLEX, NPTE, NBCOT as appropriate.
  • Arrange for obtaining VisaScreen Certificate. File for Employment Based or Immigrant Petition. Apply for immigration visa. Assist candidate through the immigration process. Assist candidate in filing for U.S. state license. Arrange for travel to the U.S.
  • Assist candidate in obtaining social security card and provide other support to ensure the candidate is settled in the U.S.
  • Provide client with regular “In-Process” status on each candidate under contract prior to arrival.
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