About Us

TGS Healthcare

  • specializes in recruitment, immigration and preparation of internationally educated clinicians
  • are educators with academies overseas and domestic training facilities
  • are partners to our clients, providing them with long-term solutions to solving their critical resource needs
  • serves both the facility and home health markets
  • Provides warranties and have unique programs where the client incurs no cost until the healthcare professional is working for them
About Us

Liz Ross

Chief Executive Officer

Liz Ross has for the past 15 years been working in healthcare start-ups in the United States and abroad. Prior to her career in healthcare, she worked in public accounting and banking. She has lived and worked on four continents.

Liz focuses on providing optimal nursing and therapy staffing solutions to clients, by employing an entrepreneurial and hands-on approach. She ensures top quality by being reachable 24/7 to staff and clients.

Anna Lazaro

Operations Director

Anna Lazaro joined TGS Healthcare in 2002 as a staffing coordinator and was instrumental in building TGS Healthcare from the ground up. She developed TGS Healthcare’s Organizational and Procedural Manual including specifications on systems and procedures for recruitment, staffing, human resources, and payroll processing.

Anna has substantial experience in managing personnel and working with clients in the healthcare services industry. Through multiple initiatives, she has helped to develop and expand the company’s staffing pipeline and client services. Anna also maintains TGS Healthcare’s Joint Commission status since co-leading the pursuit of the coveted certification in 2010.

Mary Teeters

Pipeline Process Manager

Mary Teeters has a degree in Industrial Engineering. She has lived in Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, Trinidad, Egypt, and Qatar, so she has an understanding and compassion for those coming to a foreign country to live and work alone or with families.

Mary guides the nurses and therapists through the credentialing, licensing, and immigration processes and assists them with the preparation for the IELTS and TOEFL exams. Based in Belmont, NC, Mary also assists with acculturation and assimilation courses and with the administrative duties of the human resources department.

Paula Buchner


Paula Buchner joined TGS Healthcare in May 2023 and is responsible for the accounting functions of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Payroll preparation.

Prior to joining TGS Healthcare Solutions, Paula was for 45 years responsible for accounting at a company, where she was a part owner, that specialized in import/export services. First in South Africa and since 1986 in the United States.